7 Point In-Depth Review: PhenQ


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As you are aware, there are many weight loss supplements out there claiming a whole range of benefits. In this in-depth intouchreview, we are looking at PhenQ - the powerful new natural alternative to get the incredible benefits of Phentermine.


In this in-depth review, we will be looking at:


1) Who can use PhenQ?         

2) Pros & Cons         

3) Ingredients       

4) Safety       

5) User Reviews   

6) Final Verdict  

7) Value for Money - Pricing 


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So let's get started:

1) Is PhenQ is meant for you?


Because you are reading this review, you either are looking to find out a bit more about PhenQ before purchasing it or you are looking for a supplement to help you reach your weight loss goals.


  • PhenQ is designed for both males and females who want to achieve their weight loss goals whilst continuing to control their appetite and be in a better mood through the process. Being compatible for both male and female body types means that you and your partner can both take the same pill and both get great results at the same short amount of time.


  • It contains only natural ingredients. We will explore this further in the ingredient section of the review.


  • PhenQ is FDA approved. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration. We will explore this in more detail under the Safety section of this review.



Who should not take PhenQ?

It is highly recommended that you should not take PhenQ if you are:

Pregnant, nursing depression, have diabetes, taking anti-depressants, have endocrine disorder, auto-immune disorder, prostate hypertrophy, liver disease, kidney disease, prostate cancer, testicular cancer or breast cancer. Also you should not take this supplement if you are under 18 years of age.


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2) Pros and Cons of PhenQ

Let's look at the Pros first. We define Pro's as not just what the product can do but also the value add that the manufacturer provides.

So what can PhenQ do?

PhenQ is a multi-talented slimming pill. Multi-talented? you ask...


 At it's core, PhenQ is a slimming formula designed to help you get slim by blue tickaccelerated burning of stored fat . It does this by boosting the body's metabolism and also increases thermogenesis.


However, because of its unique combination of natural ingredients, PhenQ provides added benefits such as:


blue tick  Appetite Suppression so you continue to eat less and cut calories whilst burning fat AND


 blue tickContains ingredients that Block Fat Production to stop you from gaining weight AND


blue tick We all know that cutting calories makes us a little bit cranky at times...so PhenQ has ingredients in it to help enhance your mood during your weight loss project.


You will find similar ingredients in PhenQ in multiple other supplements.

The keyword in the sentence above..."multiple".

Whilst most other supplements make use of any one of the ingredients, PhenQ's unique formula combines the ingredients + added (FDA approved) "secret ingredient" to blend a powerful fat busting product.


blue tick Trademarked Formular - α-Lacys Reset

What sets PhenQ apart from the rest is the trademarked α-Lacys Reset Formula. This trademarked formula accelerates your metabolism and fires up your body’s thermogenesis, enabling you to burn fat quickly and achieve your weight loss goal fast and more effectively.


blue tick Non Prescription Supplement

Because PhenQ is herbal and does not contain any prescription ingredients, it does not require a prescription or doctor approval.


Other Value Adds for PhenQ


phenq OnWhite
60 pills per bottle
with a recommended dosage of 1 pill for breakfast and 1 for lunch. A recommendation of only two pills a day general means a product is powerful in its potency. This is important in two respects - potency as mentioned above and Value for Money.

Whilst one bottle is meant to last 30 days, the manufacturer does offer huge multi-buy savings

          Buy 3 Bottles get 2 Bottles FREE - That works out to be an amazing 52% OFF.



moneyback 60day
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
- one of the key differentiators for PhenQ is that the manufacturer offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Why is this important? It says a lot about the product as the manufacturer is standing behind its product and its claims AND you can try the product risk-free.



Free Shipping
Free Shipping WorldWide
- That's right - free shipping anywhere in the world. This means no matter where you are - if you purchase two or more bottles - all you will be paying is the purchase price of the product. Not many manufacturers offer this so we definitely consider this as a value added benefit of PhenQ. If you would like to purchase one bottle, a flat rate of $9.98 shipping fee applies.




Side Effects of PhenQ

Now let's examine if there are any cons of taking PhenQ.

According to manufacturer claims, PhenQ has been clinically tested extensively and scientifically proven not to have any side effects. While this may sound great, we were skeptical so we did some investigation of our own.

We examined the ingredients. As you know any one ingredient taken in a high dosage is harmful to your body. Looking at the herbal ingredient combinations in PhenQ and the tests performed and given that it is GMA and FDA approved, it is quite safe to assume that the precise ingredient combinations do not have a side effect. We will explore ingredients in further detail below.

We also noted that the below clinical studies were adhered to when formulating the ingredients.

Whiting, S., Derbyshire, E., and Tiwari, BK. (2012): ‘Capsaicinoids and capsinoids. A potential role for weight management? A systematic review of the evidence’. Appetite, 2012 Oct;59(2):341-8. Doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2012.05.015 PMID: 22634197

Zemel, M.B., Thompson, W., Milstead, A., Morris, K., and Campbell, P. (2004): ‘Calcium and dairy acceleration of weight and fat loss during energy restriction in obese adults’. Obesity Research, 2004 Apr;12(4):582-90, PMID: 15090625

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3) Ingredients of PhenQ



This particular ingredient is made up of highly concentrated natural capsicum extract. The active ingredient is obtained from various different red hot chilli peppers. The capsule formulation allows effectiveness of the chillies to be delivered without the oral and gastric burning sensations. The capsaicinoids in the capsimax powder supports a high level of metabolism, which in return has a high energy output. It also allows the fat deposits in the body to become mobilized (the process known as lipolysis), hence allowing the process of thermogenesis (heat generation in the body) to take place, which results in an effectiveness weight loss process.


Calcium is most commonly known to be beneficial to all the skeletal structures and teeth in your body. Not only that, but the calcium also aids in normal function of muscle fibres, nerves and blood in the human body. Also, recent studies have shown that adequate amounts of dietary calcium can actual promote in weight management. The calcium components does not allow the cells in your body to store excess fat, instead triggers it to be metabolised effectively during cell respiration. This process allows the body to burn all the unrequired fat without disrupting any of the normal cell activities.



It is vital during a diet that your blood sugar levels remain in check. Spikes in the insulin levels allow the body to crave sugar and carbs, thus leading to binge eating in most cases. Chromium is known to enhance the action of insulin, which is a hormone that contributes to metabolism, storage of fat, carbohydrates and proteins in the body. When the body craves sugar, the chromium factor kicks in – it basically stabilises the glucose levels in the body, hence curbing the sugar cravings. Studies show that chromium has involvement in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fat metabolism, thus enabling the body to manage weight effectively.



Caffeine is widely known to stimulate the body and mind. During physical activities, caffeine can increase the rate of blood pressure, the pulse rate and stomach acid production. In endurance sports, caffeine helps to mobilize fat stores and encourages working muscles to utilize the fat as fuel, thus sparing glycogen. The glycogen then can be used during later stages of the exercise. Caffeine allows the body to improve its overall performance during physical activities by increasing its alertness, focus and your body’s fat burning ability. It also decreases the muscle pain hence helping you get more of your work out.


nopal4 jpg
Nopal Cactus

The nopal cactus is found to be a very effective ingredient in losing weight. Naturally the nopal cactus contains various amino acids and is high in fibre. The nopal cactus can also increase your metabolism as well as act as a hunger suppressant, which is a significant factor in controlling obesity. Being high in fibre will also allow your body to flush away the nasty toxins from your bloodstreams, as well as lessen fluid retention.




Carnitine has many beneficial properties such as a weight loss aid, energy booster, and supporter of cardiac, neurological and muscular functions. This naturally occurring amino acid is responsible for transporting fats from cells for effective metabolism and energy production. This metabolic reaction ensures the adequate energy is exerted to allow for effective weight loss.


4) Safety of the Product

PhenQ is a very safe product to use.

As mentioned throughout this review - PhenQ is FDA approved. What does this mean?


FDA approved logo blue11

 FDA stands for Federation of Food and Drug Administration. What does FDA do? FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by regulating human and animal drugs, biologics (e.g. vaccines and cellular and gene therapies), medical devices, food and animal feed, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. New drugs and biologics must be proven safe and effective to FDA's satisfaction before companiescan market them. Owners and operators of domestic or foreign food, drug, and most device facilities are required to register with FDA. You can read more about FDA approvals here: http://www.fda.gov/default.htm

PhenQ is manufactured using the highest quality, natural ingredients and prepared to pharmaceutical standards in the US and the UK in FDA and GMP approved facilities




Doctors Approved

PhenQ.com is also a doctor trusted website. This means that the claims on the site is independently verified and certified so consumers are aware that this is trusted business. This means that that they do not do deceptive advertising, scam products and unethical billing practices. You can read more about this certification at http://doctortrusted.org/HowItWorks



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5) Does PhenQ Work?

As they say the proof is in the pudding. Below are some user reviews from the Manufacturers site:

Ashley, 21 lost 7lbs

“I always hated having my picture taken – I used to try and hide behind other people in photos. I had to hold my stomach in all the time, and every time I sat down I’d have to cover it with my arms so people couldn’t see it. Now I don’t have anything to hide, and I love having my picture taken!”


Kimberly, 46 lost 27lbs

“I’ve been overweight all my adult life but now for the first time I can remember, I don’t have to shop in the Plus section! My grandkids love that I can run around and play properly with them now. I feel like I’m in my twenties again!”

Click here to read more Testimonials

6) Our Final Opinion  five stars zps23501e2f1 

A massive 5 stars for PhenQ.

A supplement that helps you achieve your weight loss goals by offering multiple benefits. It accelerates the fat burning using the trademarked α-Lacys Reset formula and provides added benefits like suppressing your appetite, blocking fat production and improving your mood and energy levels along the way. It offers the benefits of multiple products in one.

Manufactured in FDA and GMA approved facilities with clinically proven no side effects - this might just be the wonder supplement we had been waiting for.

PhenQ also has 3 effective pricing points with unparalleled multi-buy discounts and with free shipping and 60 day money back guarantee - you simply cannot go wrong.


Buy PhenQ NOW and let us know of your weight loss success



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7) Value for Money - Price


Remember - with all the prices below - you have Free Shipping Worldwide and 60 Money Back Guarantee



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